Remote Controlled Candles

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Remote controlled candles provide the ultimate in home convenience. Candles have been a part of human life for centuries, and up until now, they have remained unchanged. In recent decades, however, a candle revolution has taken place! Flameless LED candles offer the same warm glow as conventional candles, but with increased safety, durability, economy and convenience.

Innovative LED technology accurately reproduces the moving flame and flickering effect of candlelight. One flameless candle will last for years and will produce hundreds or thousands of hours of light, with complete safety. But it’s convenience that really separates flameless candles from their traditional counterparts: LED candles can be programmed or controlled with a remote. Imagine turning your candles on and off from the comfort of your couch or setting a timer to turn them on and off at the same times each day!
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Candle Convenience

Convenience is a great reason to choose flameless candles and related products. These candles will last for years without requiring replacement; they always look beautiful and they can be controlled with a remote. Do you want to place candles up high or in hard-to-reach alcoves? It’s fine, because you can use the remote to turn them on or off. You can even set candles on a timer that will turn them on and off whenever you wish. Never has candlelight been so easy to obtain and maintain.

Safety First

But another major reason to consider switching to flameless candles is safety. A single moment of carelessness can spark a disastrous fire. Homes where there are pets or small children should never use open flame candles because of the possibility that the baby or "Rover” may knock the candle over. Many institutions such as schools, hotels, theatres and government buildings, have banned the use of open flames because of the inherent danger of candles – and the possibility that an open flame can set off smoke detectors or even sprinklers. The good news is that flameless candles can travel anywhere, with anyone, at any time, making them perfect household items and a staple in gift stores.

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